New Products

Long time no hear..

I am excited to announce we are an Auhtorized Oakley Dealer as of today! It was a long strange trip but Oakley was one of the few brands that I knew I wanted to sell at the shop. As most of you may know I will only sell products in Velo Hangar that I use and will stand behind the product 100%. Really excited to add Oakley to our brands!! Although I haven’t placed my first order, if anyone needs to order a gift or stocking stuffer ground shipping from Oakley HQ is 1 day.

We have also picked up Clement Tires. Elliot and I have been trying out a few different models from their line and we are very impressed. Tread patterns are fast, sidewalls on the clinchers are pretty tough & the tubulars are tubeless (so no pinch flats!). I have the X’PLOR clinchers, MXP, PDX & LAS tubulars in stock. Come by and check them out!

Last but not least I brought in Lezyne LED lights. Hands down the best LED high powered lights I have come across. CNC Aluminum, rechargeable & full of tech goodness! We have sold through a few orders so far. These would be a great Holiday present!!

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