Road Trippin, decompressing & maybe riding…

As some of you may know, I left this morning for a quick 4 day trip to the Bay Area. I’m visiting my good friend Tony, he has been gracious enough to offer a roof and a floor. Mill Valley is my home away from home (Louisville too…). It is a bit ritzy but, I love the downtown area & the walking trails are fantastic….

Check our Facebook page and Instagram (@_velohangar_) for updates & pics.


T-shirt stuck to me: Stealth VH
Song stuck in my head for the last 500 miles: Avett Brothers “I and Love and You”
Socks smelling up the room: 1 VH logo & 1 VH stripe
Glasses on my head: Oakley Frogskins Matte Black/Violet

I hope for Laurel’s sake this post has less fewer type-O’s…

Shop is still open by the way! Guest wrench is Matt J formerly of B&L Solana Beach fame.. Go say hi and buy something while I’m gone.

Thanks as always!!

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