Good golly has it really been 2 months?

Life at the shop has really bogged down my blogging. Hopefully most of you are following the shop progress & my progress on the various forms of communications (Facebook, twitter, instagram, etc). Lots of projects I’m working on as well;

  • We are working on our own blend of espresso beans (with Revolution Roasters)
  • I have a couple new water bottle designs in the works (one I have been working on for several months and now I think its close to production)
  •  New T-shirts (one to go with the coffee beans)
  • I have a “Velo Hangar” Tech T, MTB style jersey on the way
  • I’m designing a new LE jersey as well as a “Team Issue” kit which should be available by this fall
  • A new design of Velo Hangar socks will be arriving in the next month or so (Think Black & Tall)

Etc, Etc…. You get the idea. Not to mention having the busiest Month ever! I have a friend helping me at the shop that I used to work with. It’s nice to have a backup helping me with the easier tasks and/or the repair “I” don’t need to work on. I can focus on the problem children. I’d also like to thank Laurel aka Lauren for taking up the slack and helping with the orders, paperwork, flat fixes, bill paying, sweeping, lunch delivering, bike pickup…

Next week marks the first experiment of vacation… a bit scared of the fallout. Bjorn and I are road tripping up to the Bay area for some R&R, hopefully some MTBing, killer food/drink (his brother in law works at one of my fav restaurants in Napa) & maybe a hike. I really just need to unplug. Both of us have recently started new chapters and need a rest. Can.not.wait!

Next Week (3/19-3/22)

I’ll be in the shop 10-7 Monday through Thursday.

Starting Friday (3/23) I’ll be out of the shop until Tuesday (3/27). I will have phone privileges but, email will slim. If urgent you can direct your messages to

Hope to see you this week before my trip! If you need a pre Cali 70.3 race check get the bike in before next wednesday (3/21).

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