New product rolling in daily… figuratively & literally.

Lots of new products are around the shop these past few weeks. Proud & excited to announce we are an Industry Nine Dealer. I have 2 sets of these killer custom wheels on my MTB’s. Light, Strong and Pretty. Checkout Industry Nine’s website for their MTB_color_picker. You can see what your wheels will look like.

Also excited to have NutCase helmets in the Hangar. Whether you are looking for a good commuter helmet, trying to break from the normal racer helmet or you are looking for a new helmet for the kids, NutCase has loads of cool designs for everyone. They range from $50-$70. Love the Glow in the Dark, GloBrain model.

We have recently built up our Surly Big Dummy. If you are not familiar with the Big D, it’s Surly’s rendition of an Xtracycle. A utilitarian cargo bike/commuter/hauler. We decided (ok, I decided) to pimp this one out. SRAM XO 10spd group with hydraulic XO disc brakes, Easton EA70 wheels/stem/bar/seatpost, Fizik Gobi Muzzle saddle, Conti Touring tires, Oury grips & of course a King headset. This thing rocks! Seriously considering one of these for my stable…

Last and absolutely not least… After weeks and weeks of interviews, hoops to jump, blood samples sent… Velo Hangar is an Authorized Chris King dealer. Lots of red tape but, stoked to be part of the family! We have King Bottom Brackets & 1 1/8 threadless headsets in stock! I know have the BB tools & hub tools as well. Love, Love, Love King products. Come in a checkout the BB’s, they really are worth the coin.

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