Brain Dump 1.22.12

T-Shirt: OG Velo Hangar Black on Black

Song: The Temper Trap “Sweet Disposition” – Jamie T “So lonely was the ballad”

Eye Candy recent history:,,,,

Drink in Hand: Kentucky Mule (Buffalo Trace & Cock and Bull Ginger Beer)

Closest bike in proximity: 2012 Focus Izalco Pro 3.0 (Black N Blue)

On the mind: Restock of Velo Hangar kits should arrive this week, Loads of “events” this week, a couple new branding projects in the works, parents arriving in a couple weeks, Karen’s Birthday Bash at the shop,….


Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! I can’t wait to get back to the grind tomorrow!


Velo Hangar Kit Sighting Contest Numero Uno…

It’s hard to believe after only 12 months after the 1st kit arrived, there are over 180 kits sold! So if you live in San Diego this challenge should be relatively easy. The task at hand is to take pictures of as many riders wearing their VH kits as you can. It can be a pic with 4 riders or 4 pics with riders… Creativity & Candor always helps.

  • Contest begins tomorrow Jan.5th.2011.
  • Contest ends Jan.12th.2011
  • You can email the photos to
  • Post them on

Winner will receive a Velo Hangar Prize Pack including a VH Camelbak Podium bottle, Limited Edition VH T-shirt, VH sticker pack & a surprise gift. Photo’s will be published in print & digital media (with permission).

Warm up those smartphones and get snapping!

Huh. Not a single post from December…

Gotta change that. December was a big month. Started riding a bit more than usual, The Campagnolo Annual Toy Drive ride took off without a hitch, our Belgian Holiday Party was a HUGE success (over 200 attendees), spent time with family at Christmas… the list is endless. I keep thinking back to this time last year. I was in a different frame of mind. VH looked good on paper. Finding the capital to make it happen looked impossible unless I was willing to let go of the reins and change the concept… Looking back I’m glad I didn’t.

I started Velo Hangar as a brand. I used what little money I had to make t-shirts and stickers, build a little following. Start the brand underground style. I quickly sold out of the t’s making a little & designed a cycling kit (jersey, bibs, arm warmers, vest..). When I posted the jersey design I was amazed by the response. The 1st kit order exceeded my expectations! Maybe I was on to something…

Now look at Velo Hangar! A full-fledged brick & mortar Bicycle Service Shop… The shop is exactly as I had imagined, down to the layout I had sketched in my notepad a hundred times. I want to Thank Everyone out there that has stood by VH through thick & thin, stayed interested in the “progress” of the shop, continued to refer friends & family, stopped by to hang out & have a coffee. I am super excited to make 2012 even better!

Belgian Holiday at Velo Hangar…

It’s that time of year again… Holiday party time. Boring eggnog, cheesy strands of holly draped over doorways, twinkling neon colored lights…

We’ve decided to break from the norm and have a Belgian Holiday Party. Frites, Waffles, Chocolate, Beer, Cycling Movies, Beer. There has been rumor of a raffle & a storewide discount, all TBA.

  • Sunday December 18th
  • 3:00pm to 8:00pm
  • 637 Valley Avenue #C, Solana Beach 92075

Please RSVP to if you plan to stop by. Gotta figure out how much food so we don’t run out again… oops.

Anniversaries, Birthdays, Breweries & Gnar.

October 21st marked the 1 year Anniversary of Velo Hangar. The concept, the brand, the idea, it all was kickstarted when I left B&L 1 year ago. When I think back it was a stressful time. The uncertainty. Looking forward, I’m really excited for what’s to come. VH has come such a long way in the few short months, Thanks to you!

Some friends and I recently brewed our own beer & although I worked while most of the process occurred, I really like the simplicity. I can’t wait for the next batch. The first batch was a simple Pale Ale. We need to figure out the next one soon maybe a Saison…

Brain Dump:

  • Song on right now: Spoon “All the pretty girls go to the city”
  • Favorite apparel right now: Patagonia R3 vest
  • Bike most ridden this week: SyCip Road
  • Book on the nightstand: Hell and Gone
  • Fav electronic: Apple iPad2
  • Chain Lube: Gnar Lube “Blue Opal” with stripper scent
  • Future project: Thinking of adding a carbon road bike to the stable…
Excited to see a few CX races this weekend! If you are in the area come down Sunday to Balboa Park/SD Velodrome & see some great racing. Nice placement of the VH logo as well!

New Product in this week!

We have received our shipments of Carbo-Pro, more Continental 25mm tires, our 2012 Velo Hangar Team Socks & last but not least the 2012 Velo Hangar Team kits!

Stoked. They look great!

Brain Dump.

Lots of stuff on my mind lately so I apologize if this reads like a HardDrive Dump.

T-Shirt: Gray VH Stealth T

Music: Don McCloskey’s “Focken Glockenspiel”

Snack: Pelegrino & a Double Chocolate PR Bar.

C:/Program files/DUMP…

  • Interbike 2011 has been and gone. Good show, nothing ground breaking, 10s grip shift, Hope Tech cassette/freehub body, Focus bikes we best of show.
  • VH Camelbak bottles are in.
  • VH Squadra clothing will arrive 2nd week of October. New base color, refined design, New vest color.
  • Velo Hangar/ Celo Pacific Cyclocross clinic was huge success thanks to Dave Lawson & Brent Prenzlow from Celo Pacific.
  • Velo Hangar is one of the many proud sponsors of Celo Pacific Cycling Team for 2012.
  • Mad Alchemy Embrocation & Chamois cream, Challenge, Industry Nine, Chris King, Knog,… just some of the products we are carrying.
  • New 16 liter Ultrasonic Parts Washer arrived yesterday and is uber powerful!
  • Our Morizumi Spoke Machine will arrive any day now.
  • Lots of wheel builds, tire glues, new bike builds coming in the doors…
  • VH friend/athlete James Walsh is heading to IM World Championships Kona next week aboard his Look 596 (Thanks to Elliott D from Axis Sports Group)
  • Constantly working on the merchandising/layout of the shop. Keep it fresh, keep it simple.
  • I’ve become addicted to Maple Sugar Hard candies
  • Continental 700×25 tires are flying out the door. Best selling tire hands down.
  • Lizard Skins 2.5 DSP tape is the bomb.
  • Bjorn has a smart key but, dumb hand.
  • Carbo-Pro & Thermalyte coming soon


New product rolling in daily… figuratively & literally.

Lots of new products are around the shop these past few weeks. Proud & excited to announce we are an Industry Nine Dealer. I have 2 sets of these killer custom wheels on my MTB’s. Light, Strong and Pretty. Checkout Industry Nine’s website for their MTB_color_picker. You can see what your wheels will look like.

Also excited to have NutCase helmets in the Hangar. Whether you are looking for a good commuter helmet, trying to break from the normal racer helmet or you are looking for a new helmet for the kids, NutCase has loads of cool designs for everyone. They range from $50-$70. Love the Glow in the Dark, GloBrain model.

We have recently built up our Surly Big Dummy. If you are not familiar with the Big D, it’s Surly’s rendition of an Xtracycle. A utilitarian cargo bike/commuter/hauler. We decided (ok, I decided) to pimp this one out. SRAM XO 10spd group with hydraulic XO disc brakes, Easton EA70 wheels/stem/bar/seatpost, Fizik Gobi Muzzle saddle, Conti Touring tires, Oury grips & of course a King headset. This thing rocks! Seriously considering one of these for my stable…

Last and absolutely not least… After weeks and weeks of interviews, hoops to jump, blood samples sent… Velo Hangar is an Authorized Chris King dealer. Lots of red tape but, stoked to be part of the family! We have King Bottom Brackets & 1 1/8 threadless headsets in stock! I know have the BB tools & hub tools as well. Love, Love, Love King products. Come in a checkout the BB’s, they really are worth the coin.

Let CX season begin!!

I’d like to thank everyone that came out for our 1st Annual Celo Pacific/ Velo Hangar CX clinic! I’d also like the thank the brains behind the lessons, Brent Prenzlow & Dave Lawson! Blaize Baehrens & Sonja for coming out to represent SRAM, Todd Morton for not only donating schwag but also for rding in the clinic, Sean Kneale for donating his own personal tires, Derek Wiback for his donation, Trevor Glavin for the SkinFit baselayers, Jason Fackler from SockGuy for his donation as well. All in all a great evening.

We are really excited for Cyclocross!!

Mad Alchemy in The Hangar!!





Limited Edition: Cross Vegas Embrocation…. $19.95 a jar (although this one should smell of cheap cigarette’s & stale beer, it doesn’t)


Non-Warming Embrocation… $17.50 a jar (minty)


Gentleman’s Blend Embrocation… $19.95 a jar (scent is woody with spices)


Russian Tea Embrocation… $19.95 a jar (cinnamon & citrus)


EuroPRO Chamois Cream…. $17.95 a jar (scent of Cedar & spices, just what I want my shorts to smell like…)


PRO+ Chamois Cream…. $17.95 a jar (veggie based, more traditional blend)


**While supplies last buy a jar of Mad Alchemy and get a free Velo Hangar beverage holder. One glass per order…**


What is Embrocation, you say…?


Checkout Mad Alchemy‘s website…


“100% Natural | 100% Pure

Mad Alchemy Embrocation is a line of all natural body care products hand-made in small batches to ensure the highest quality product available.


Embro is being ready for 130 miles, in April, 45°F, raining, but still loving the ride.  It’s sprinting for the Provincetown line @ mile 140, against 7 of your best friends.  It’s talking about your 7½ hour ride on the ferry back to Boston, dehydrated, but still sharing stories over a beer.  Embro doesn’t hang the bike up in the winter.  It simply lowers the tire pressure in the snow, puts on a wool base,  and 2 pairs of shoe covers and rides.  Embro is Portland in December, and New England in February.  It’s rain, it’s snow, it’s mud and sometimes it’s even sunshine.  It’s always about the experience.  It’s about attacking on the hardest part of the course, or down that perfectly symmetrical, maple-tree ally.  It’s about cobbles and cinder, new pavement and gaps.  Embrocation will not make you faster.  It won’t make up the difference between 4th and 40th, but it will most assuredly make you feel like a “better” cyclist, a more significant part of our community.  Not everybody is ready to Embrocate, though everyone has Embro potential.  We Embrocate for legs, we Embrocate for our experience, we Embrocate for the love of cycling.    

- Pete”







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