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Handlebar Mustache/ Velo Hangar collab kit:

  1. Gerald Turetzky

    You have any Kits available? Medium
    Up in No Cal so have to do it online,

    Let me know

    Gerald Turetzky

  2. Send me an email with what you are looking for…. gordon dot velohangar dot com

  3. Gerald Turetzky

    Sorry I didn’t get back on the site
    I am looking for a Medium Jersey, Shorts and Vest or jacket

    Let me know what you have


    Gerald Turetzky

  4. Gerald Turetzky

    You have a Large Jersey?

    I’ll check back on the rest next month

    Let me know


  5. Hello, I’m the Fluid rider that came out for a team camp last December for Palomar and busted my chain and you left one for me.

    I’d love to support your shop from way out here. Are you kits available? Small jersey med bibs.

  6. Gordon, it’s Matt Hale (from Celo) any clydesdale size kits? Sorry I missed that October order. Hope all is well

  7. Hello Velo Hanger,

    I wanted to Thank you for the great espresso and the hospitality last weekend. What a classy shop and I’m now wearing my Velo Hanger t-shirt in pride here in Reno/Tahoe area.

    Also: I need to order a kit. (Small jersey/small bib)

    Robb Wolf
    US Sales Manager NeilPryde Bikes

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