Velo Hangar Update #1

Howdy everyone! Just wanted to reach out and let everyone know a little about what I’m working on. These will be quick & to the point, no fluff.

  • I’ve been working on a new custom sock with SockGuy. The artwork will be approved this week and will go into production in awhile. These will be 6″ cuffs with a new pattern. They will definitely will stand out. Following on the heels of such great companies like Handlebar Mustache, The Athletic, etc. these will be bold graphics. Really looking forward to these. I’ll post artwork next update.
  • Lots of bikes going through the stand last week. I was trying to play catch up, a couple builds and loads of drivetrain cleans and I’m back to doing what I love! Several bikes in for this week as well. Thanks so much for all the support!!
  • I now have a beverage cooler in the garage so if you want to do some hill repeats on my street, I now have refreshments.
  • Still organizing the garage. My first goal was to get the backlogged bikes done & delivered. I hope to get a little more organizing done this week. Still pretty dusty in there.
  • I’m toying with the idea of a “Velo Hangar Cardiff” t-shirt or “VH Lives”.. either way I need to add t-shirts to my inventoy & webstore. The webstore is at . I have pint glasses, camelbak bottles, Rothera VH caps & Enduro Bites on there currently. I’ll be adding more VH branded goods soon, like reusable shopping bags…
  • I’m driving the Coastal Bluff van around town for bulk pickups and deliveries, honk if you see me!
  • Project VH 3.0 is still going through the early stages but, I’m super excited when I can unveil it…

Thats about it right now. Very excited for the future, all in good time. Thanks again for the texts, emails & phone calls! whiteout all of you i don’t know where I’d be!


Velo hangar is still alive and kicking…!

As my friends Public Enemy would say… “Don’t believe the hype!“.

Velo Hangar is moving out of The Alternabike location at 637 Valley Avenue in Solana Beach and going back grassroots style to the original location. I have a couple irons in the fire for new locations but, nothing firm right now. I will keep everyone updated here and instagram/facebook/twitter verse…

For now if you need your bike worked on I’ll be working out of my garage. I will be picking up and delivering plus taking a few drop offs. You can reach me here for the time being or giving me a call or text on the shop line.

Thanks as always!!

The Navy blue VH kit is available for preorder!

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Back by popular demand I have released a preorder for the navy kit. I also designed a limited release Light Blue version of the jersey. Navy is available in Premier in Men’s jersey and bibs plus Womens jersey & bib. Navy also offers a Men’s Pro jersey and Bib plus a vest and arm warmers. The light blue jersey is only available in the Pro fit and has been limited to 20 jersey’s.

Online store is up at;

The store is open till May 25th.

Order Online

2015 Matt Bigos/Nitro Circus/VH kit preorder…

Matt Bigos’ 2015 race kit is now available for preorder at!! This is one of my favorite designs so far. Matt had one request that the bibs were black. Easy. From there I sketched out a few ideas. The one I went with is a fade. I haven’t seen too many people use a fade and to make it a little more special I made the the fading my logo. Turned out awesome. As far as the colors go, Matt wanted the Powerbar on the shoulders and it really popped off light blue. All of Matt’s sponsors for 2015 have pretty complicated logo’s so I didn’t add another VH logo other than the fade. I think it really turned out well. The online store for preorder will be open for 3 weeks starting today at ,Jersey’s are $90 Bib shorts are $125 Speedsuits are $175 Armwarmers are $35 Thanks to Zach at Squadra for helping realize this design. He’s super easy to work with and has a good eye for color. Thanks also to Travis Pastrana’s Nitro Circus, Powerbar, Engine Ice and Oakley for supporting Matt again this year. FullSizeRender-4FullSizeRender FullSizeRender-3FullSizeRender-2

Handlebar Mustache & Velo Hangar Collab

IMG_2792                             IMG_2793

I met Brett and Ashley Richards a couple years back at Interbike and immediately loved them. You know when you meet someone for the first time and it clicks, you think to yourself “I could totally hang out with these two”. With our likeminded approach to Social Media, complete passion of all things cycling and their attention to detail, I thought they would be a great group to team up with. I mentioned that we should do a collar t-shirt. A year later the T hit the shelves and didn’t last long, it was a hit! So we decided to join forces again and design a jersey/bib combo. They picked Army Green as the base color (good choice). I’ve always loved the combo of army green and light blue so I was all in when I heard about green. I hope you enjoy the design!

Jersey’s are $100 and bibs are $125

The online store will be open till 12/28 so you can add this kit to your christmas list!

VH Navy kits are available for preorder!

Back after major demand!! This kit has been a huge hit. I’m so happy, this took awhile to design and get just right. Thanks to Zach at Squadra for helping me sort it out. I have added a wind jacket, featuring black mesh segments on the back and reflective piping. I also have added knee warmers to the store.

Store will be open till 9/28, delivery will be around 6 weeks






New Velo Hangar kits!

Velo Hangar :: Squadra Online Store!

It’s been a long process designing this new kit. Yes the layout is the same.. That’s on purpose. I try to keep the Pantone’s the same so you can mix and match. Continuity and simplicity are very important to me but I wanted this one to stand out (or not for that matter). It’s toned down. It’s mostly outlines. I named it “neon” for design purposes, 1. So we could distinguish it in Squadras system and 2. Because it looks like a neon sign to me. I hope you like it…

For men’s jersey’s we are offering them in 3 different cuts:

This is the same cut as our standard gray kit. Not baggy but also not racer cut (see super tight)

This is the same as last year’s race kit, the black kit with the print all over in the background. Pro jersey’s have a mesh back and a super light Lycra everywhere else. The White Limited Issue jersey’s were Pro cut as well.

Club cut is new for us. I original produced this cut for us “man sized” riders that wanted a jersey that had a little more room to breathe. All sizes are available in this one but its a very casual fit.

Womens jerseys are available in Pro only.

Bib shorts are available in 2 cuts, Team cut & Pro cut. Womens bibs will be Pro only. this year we are also offering a matching Wind Vest & Arm Warmers.

These kits will only be available for preorder online at The store will be open for 3 weeks ending Monday July 7th so don’t procrastinate!!
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Velo Hangar/ Elliot Reinecke Racing

Many of you know and love Elliot Reinecke. He will be racing the Pro MTB circuit this year. Sponsored by Focus Bicycles, Giro, ENVE & Velo Hangar, we wanted to design a special kit for him. The Maryland flag is ghost printed in the background. The kit is available in Men’s & Women’s and arm warmer’s plus knee warmer’s. Proceeds go to help Elliot in his racing season (entrance fees, transportation, etc) Go to