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New Velo Hangar kits!

Velo Hangar :: Squadra Online Store!

It’s been a long process designing this new kit. Yes the layout is the same.. That’s on purpose. I try to keep the Pantone’s the same so you can mix and match. Continuity and simplicity are very important to me but I wanted this one to stand out (or not for that matter). It’s toned down. It’s mostly outlines. I named it “neon” for design purposes, 1. So we could distinguish it in Squadras system and 2. Because it looks like a neon sign to me. I hope you like it…

For men’s jersey’s we are offering them in 3 different cuts:

This is the same cut as our standard gray kit. Not baggy but also not racer cut (see super tight)

This is the same as last year’s race kit, the black kit with the print all over in the background. Pro jersey’s have a mesh back and a super light Lycra everywhere else. The White Limited Issue jersey’s were Pro cut as well.

Club cut is new for us. I original produced this cut for us “man sized” riders that wanted a jersey that had a little more room to breathe. All sizes are available in this one but its a very casual fit.

Womens jerseys are available in Pro only.

Bib shorts are available in 2 cuts, Team cut & Pro cut. Womens bibs will be Pro only. this year we are also offering a matching Wind Vest & Arm Warmers.

These kits will only be available for preorder online at The store will be open for 3 weeks ending Monday July 7th so don’t procrastinate!!
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What we are up to…

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Velo Hangar/ Elliot Reinecke Racing

Many of you know and love Elliot Reinecke. He will be racing the Pro MTB circuit this year. Sponsored by Focus Bicycles, Giro, ENVE & Velo Hangar, we wanted to design a special kit for him. The Maryland flag is ghost printed in the background. The kit is available in Men’s & Women’s and arm warmer’s plus knee warmer’s. Proceeds go to help Elliot in his racing season (entrance fees, transportation, etc) Go to



GoPro visits Velo Hangar…

GoPro contacted us wanting to film a bike being built from the frame up. Of course the answer was yes, we love building bikes! The bike in question is Todd Ballard’s 2014 Specialized Tarmac SL4 with Shimano Dura Ace 11s. Great build, great vid & a great time! Todd makes an appearance at the end riding up to Double Peak Park in San Marcos, CA.

Thanks to everyone at GoPro, Specialized & Shimano for making this happen!

Of Steel

This weekend I am traveling north to pick up my Marcelo. A piece of tangible art that I have wanted to own/ride for years. Ordered a year ago, built to my sizing, painted in a one of a kind motif… This is a very special trip.

Photo dump

GiveMe3 Campaign…

This message is on behalf of our friends at the California Bicycle Coalition.

GiveMe3 is CalBike’s campaign to get drivers to give a safe three feet of clearance when passing a bicyclist. Assembly Bill 1371 amends the Vehicle Code to specify three feet as the safe passing distance. Twenty-one other states have enacted similar legislation. Tell Governor Brown it’s time California do the same!

Over forty percent of fatal bike crashes are caused by motorists passing unsafely. And yet, Governor Brown vetoed our previous two “3 foot” bills. With your help today, the third time could be the charm. Please send this email urging Governor Jerry Brown to sign AB 1371, and require California drivers to give a safe distance when they pass you on your bicycle. 

Thank you for your help putting grassroots pressure on Governor Brown today to make our streets safer for us all.

Randomness, if that’s a word.

This Friday: Allen Lim & Skratch Labs


New Products

Long time no hear..

I am excited to announce we are an Auhtorized Oakley Dealer as of today! It was a long strange trip but Oakley was one of the few brands that I knew I wanted to sell at the shop. As most of you may know I will only sell products in Velo Hangar that I use and will stand behind the product 100%. Really excited to add Oakley to our brands!! Although I haven’t placed my first order, if anyone needs to order a gift or stocking stuffer ground shipping from Oakley HQ is 1 day.

We have also picked up Clement Tires. Elliot and I have been trying out a few different models from their line and we are very impressed. Tread patterns are fast, sidewalls on the clinchers are pretty tough & the tubulars are tubeless (so no pinch flats!). I have the X’PLOR clinchers, MXP, PDX & LAS tubulars in stock. Come by and check them out!

Last but not least I brought in Lezyne LED lights. Hands down the best LED high powered lights I have come across. CNC Aluminum, rechargeable & full of tech goodness! We have sold through a few orders so far. These would be a great Holiday present!!


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