Into the thick…it’s already February?


It might be February but someone hasn’t told California. It’s 75 degrees and sunny right now, not trying to rub it in but we were all expecting El Niño to drench us. We’ve had a few days of rain but not that much.. I’ll admit I was pretty worried about the rain. If people aren’t riding they don’t need their bikes worked on. What I noticed though is that if people can’t ride it’s a perfect time to get their bikes worked on, that’s what I get for thinking. Anyway, it’s been a pretty good winter, business is pretty steady.

I’ve had a couple kit preorders go through in the past couple months. If you ordered the Navy kit, please be patient we ran out of some materials so they are running a bit late. It’s not the norm. They should be shipping to you this week. The Spring kits sold pretty well! Thanks to all of you you bought these. Can’t wait to see them in person! I’ll have another kit launch in the summer. Think bold. Bold lines, Bold colors..

On a personal note, it’s been a month of ups and downs. On one hand my parents are in town for a visit, for the month. For some that might sound scary, for me it’s great. For one the stay in Oceanside, they spend an equal time between sight seeing, me and visiting my sister and her family. My Dad has always been one of my best friends so having him around is great, Linda isn’t so bad either.. So far with work being somewhat busy, we’ve met for dinner a couple times. This weekend though we’ll go on an adventure.

On he bad side.. One of my hero’s, a client & a friend committed suicide. I’m not going to bring out all my dirty laundry here but, I would like to say there are people all around us struggling. Struggling in life, struggling with disease, struggling with relationships,.. It’s important to have that friend to talk to whether it’s a professional or your best friend. I’m very fortunate to have so many friends, true friends. They are what keep me going day after day.



  • Working on a new t-shirt as always right? Thinking it will be an original design.
  • New kit design is in the works. The next one will be launched this summer. It’s going to be standard kit unlike the Special Editions like the Spring kit. Theme will be BOLD. As with all my other kits this one will be designed to match the other pieces I’ve brought out in the past.
  • There is another kit in process but, it’s wacky. Way different than anything I’ve done before. Jersey, bib, arm warmers maybe even a vest who knows. Hey if I only sell the minimum I’m ok with that. If it takes shape we’re looking at a fall release.
  • Still working on a retail space. My idea of what I want keeps whittling down. More boutique less superstore. What I’m missing most biz wise is VH branded merch sales. The BigCartel site works but I don’t get the same sell through.
  • Music playing:: Deer Tick “Dirty Dishes”
  • Coffee:: Ironsmith Coffee “espresso”
  • T-shirt:: Viva Velo Hangar
  • Socks:: SockGuy VH checker wool
  • Bike in the stand:: Yeti SB5C (new build)

Thats it for now. Need to get out of coffee shop mode and into the garage.


Happy 2016!

We are approaching the middle of January and what a crazy time! Over the holidays I took some much needed time off. Not full blown vacation time, i’d work now and then plus I didn’t leave San Diego. I know now that was a mistake.. Anyhoo I’m rested and ready for action.

With the rainstorm that blew through San Diego last week and it being my first week back in the garage, I assumed repairs would be slow. Wrong. Crazy Town, and I wouldn’t change a thing. Here’s a little update…

Current Projects in The Hangar:

  • I’ve designed a new jersey for the Spring. Online preorder will open soon on Velo Hangar/ Squadra. As with all my kits this jersey is designed to go with the Anthracite bib (dark grey). I updated the bib a touch to compliment the Spring jersey but it still will look great with the other kits. There will be matching arm warmers. Men’s & Women’s  Premier jersey & bibs.
  • Since I don’t have a retail location currently and have lots of VH merch taking up space in the van. I will be having a sale on my Big Cartel Online store in the next few weeks. Make some room for new product. I have a few Trucker hats, wool socks, Rather riding caps, VH bottles, etc.
  • I’ve started working on some new t-shirt designs and will probably be re-releasing some of the originals again as well.

Now for a photo dump of the past month or so…

Sorry for the radio silence…

November & December are usually pretty slow in the bike shop. So filling the void with apparel & accessory sales is what I generally rely on. Takes time & a lot of hustle.. For the first time in 6 years (yes VH is 6 years old..) I had a sale during the Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend. Lots of orders came in! Thanks so much!! BigCartel makes it super easy on the online store side of things.

Lots of bike builds, new group swaps & wheelbuilds lately. I can’t forecast what is going to be popular for the week so it keeps me on my toes. I can say definitively that Felt IA1 builds are gruesome..

Current Projects

  • Working on a new jersey for Spring release (preorder). Design is so new my “design team” hasn’t even seen this one… This one will be with Squadra and will pair with a past bib design that will also be getting a refresh. I’ll rerun the checkered vest from the last order as well.
  • Planning to design a new water bottle with Camelbak. 24oz size, new design & possibly another run of a former design.. (Mixer is back!)
  • Reordering more checkered socks.. Kind of a dark horse, didn’t think those would catch on like they did.. Completely sold out in under a month, 120 pairs.
  • New T-shirts are in the works. VH Transit inspired. In sketch mode currently. My time at Squadoot is split between Squadra kit design & t-shirt sketching.

Reminder that my Holiday Party is next Sunday (12/13) at Priority Public House in Leucadia 6p-9p. Please bring a new, boxed, unwrapped toy for Rady Children’s Hospital.

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! See you soon!!

Preorder for Navy Squadra kits is on!


Navy Squadra Kit is back online! Online store is open till November 23rd. Included items are Men’s & Women’s Premier Jerseys & bibs, a New Wind Vest & Arm Warmers.. These should deliver in January..
#velohangarlives #ridesquadra #hivischecker. (link is also in my Instagram profile)

Time flies..

Holy cow its been 4 months since the rebirth of VH… I remember like it was yesterday…

Im finally getting into a groove with this mobile thing. Scheduling my day of pickups, deliveries and meetings is getting easier. Dont get me wrong this is way more work mentally and physically but, I need that constant pressure. I need projects. Mostly Road & MTB’s coming in for work. I assume that means October 31st Quick n Dirty Filthy 50 is going to be full. I’m really excited to be apart of grassroots mountain biking in San Diego. Its my true love, Mountain Biking. Its always great seeing all the people out there. Looking forward to that race.

In merchandise news, After 5 years of people demanding a VH hat and finally finding one that is the high quality I expect, The VH Retro Trucker hat is finally available for purchase! They are selling really well! Im glad everyone likes them. Super happy with the guys at Weevil Outdoor! They are up on the VH Online Store for $25 plus shipping. I filled in the missing sizes of Viva T-shirts as well.

I’d like to thank everyone that ordered a kit from the last Castelli order! If you missed out or were hoping for another Squadra kit, I’ll be opening the Navy kit order soon. Same design as before but, adding a light blue vest to go with all the other apparel. Check back soon!!



Processed with VSCOcam with g2 preset
Processed with VSCOcam with g2 preset




Brain Dump:: 7/14/14

Crazy days. The shop is super fun lately. Late nights, difficult bike builds, stressful deadlines… I love it. Here’s a little of whats going on in my mind right now:


Most ridden bike owned: SyCip Javaboy

Beer of choice: Bell’s Oberon

Beverage of choice: Bourbon Revolver

T-shirt on: Culture Brewing Growler

Socks on my feet: VH logo on the left, VH Stripe on the right

Song playing: “Working on a Building” by Bill Monroe and his Bluegrass Boys

IMG_2576 IMG_2511 IMG_2512 IMG_2515 Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset IMG_2533 IMG_2531 IMG_2529 IMG_2522 IMG_2602 Processed with VSCOcam with e3 preset IMG_2665 IMG_2670 Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset IMG_2691 IMG_2736 IMG_2723 IMG_2719 IMG_2699 IMG_2694 IMG_2712 IMG_2744 IMG_2746 IMG_2751 IMG_2757 IMG_2760 IMG_2775 IMG_2770 IMG_2768 IMG_2767 IMG_2763 IMG_2762 IMG_2784 IMG_2786 IMG_2789 IMG_2791 IMG_2792 IMG_2798

New Velo Hangar kits!

Velo Hangar :: Squadra Online Store!

It’s been a long process designing this new kit. Yes the layout is the same.. That’s on purpose. I try to keep the Pantone’s the same so you can mix and match. Continuity and simplicity are very important to me but I wanted this one to stand out (or not for that matter). It’s toned down. It’s mostly outlines. I named it “neon” for design purposes, 1. So we could distinguish it in Squadras system and 2. Because it looks like a neon sign to me. I hope you like it…

For men’s jersey’s we are offering them in 3 different cuts:

This is the same cut as our standard gray kit. Not baggy but also not racer cut (see super tight)

This is the same as last year’s race kit, the black kit with the print all over in the background. Pro jersey’s have a mesh back and a super light Lycra everywhere else. The White Limited Issue jersey’s were Pro cut as well.

Club cut is new for us. I original produced this cut for us “man sized” riders that wanted a jersey that had a little more room to breathe. All sizes are available in this one but its a very casual fit.

Womens jerseys are available in Pro only.

Bib shorts are available in 2 cuts, Team cut & Pro cut. Womens bibs will be Pro only. this year we are also offering a matching Wind Vest & Arm Warmers.

These kits will only be available for preorder online at The store will be open for 3 weeks ending Monday July 7th so don’t procrastinate!!
img.php img-1.php img-2.php


Limited Edition Velo Hangar Jersey

​It that time of year again… We have designed a new LE jersey, this time its based off our “Team” gear (aka the gray kit). The pantones have stayed the same so this jersey will match any of our previous jersey, bibs & accessories. Limited to 50 units these won’t last long. They will only be available online. Type into your browser.

I have added our gray bib to the online shop so if you want a complete kit that’s the ticket. The jersey is also available in both of Squadra’s fabrics, their Team and Pro. Team is the standard fit whereas Pro is the aero race fit (like last years Black VH kit and the ellusive White Jersey).

The store will be open till November 10th. They make great Holiday presents….

Type into your browser.



The Rapha Women’s 100 @VeloHangar

On Sunday 7th July 2013 join thousands of women around the world to ride 100km. The aim is to create a global event, with thousands of women taking to the road to complete a 100km journey. The 7th July is the date of the Etape du Tour, the amateur cyclist’s chance to ride a major mountain stage of the 100th edition of the Tour de France. Rapha are sending 100 women to ride the sportive, which will form part of the day’s festival of riding. The Rapha Women’s 100 is not a competition to see who is the fastest, it is about gathering a global community of women around the world to take part in this shared adventure.

Join Women Cyclist, Velo Hangar, Diana Aquire at Velo Hangar 637 Valley Avenure in Solana Beach for the San Diego Rapha 100 ride. Let’s gather our communtiy and ride. RSVP here:!/events/174109582737213/